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              • Product & Service

                Instruction Manual

                Spare & wear contracts

                3d开机号A value based proposition, wherein parts for the equipment are agreed to be supplied over a period of time. This solution avoids unnecessary delays in discussions and negotiations on terms and conditions of purchase and keeps the consistency of procurement.

                3d开机号The knowledge of both our customer needs and processes have helped us to build our own range of wear parts. We can supply a large high quality range of wear parts for each kind of machine.

                Mining and mineral processing

                The annual global volume of minerals comminution has expanded to crushing more than 20 billion tons of minerals. More than 30,000 crushing equipment units, such as impact crushers, jaw crushers and cone/gyratory crushers, are used around the world. Wear part consumption of different crushing equipment is estimated to be 500,000 tons annually.

                However, the volumes of mining applications, such as primary crushing and milling processes, are even higher and present an even bigger challenge for materials technology. By introducing innovative materials technology solutions, CathayPhillips Materials Technology has demonstrated multiple wear part lives in tough mining and minerals processing applications. Comparison of the wear loss of standard manganese steel and two new Cathay grades (CCG steel and metal matrix composite, see graph) shows a significant difference.

                CathayPhillips spare and wear parts are designed and manufactured according to specific design parameters using high-quality materials, tools and techniques.We can supply wear parts and consumables for comminution, materials transportation and handling and other key applications like stone crushers, grinding mills and slurry pumps, by using materials with highly improved wear resistance and life cycle performance.

                Equipment refurbishment

                By developing a service partnership with our customers during the whole equipment lifetime, refurbishment is a profitable investment and the most effective way to maximize the performance of their respective operations.

                3d开机号Cathay employs a dedicated staff of multi-discipline engineers with the sole purpose of fixing and solving problems. Our group provides:

                • Design modifications to improve reliability, maintainability, and safety
                • Controls upgrading to use readily available parts, improve operations or to automate machine operations
                • Rebuilds and retrofits for restoration to original condition or adaptation to new technology
                • # Application engineering to determine the “why” behind problems and develop innovative solutions for materials handling efficiency, dust containment, etc.

                Process Technology and Innovation

                3d开机号PTI, Process Technology and Innovation, is a division of CathayPhillips which offers a global consulting service for the mining and construction industries. Our team of highly motivated and specialized engineers (mining, metallurgical, chemical and software/ electrical) have a strong RTD background and extensive mining and metallurgical plant production and consulting experience.

                PTI’s particular focus is providing industry with total process integration and optimization services. These include optimization of the mining (drill and blast), comminution, flotation and dewatering processes for both greenfield and existing operations. The main objectives are to reduce operating costs, increase production rates and improve overall process, energy and water efficiency.

                Field services

                3d开机号CathayPhillips engineering offers specialized field services to maintain or improve the mechanical and process operations of your facility. Our field engineers, supported by design and process engineers, provide mechanical troubleshooting expertise and supervision for maintenance or overhaul programs.The wear part replacement service offers delivery and replacement of wear parts as well as crusher inspection. Our professional crews replace wear parts safely and efficiently and – in addition – evaluate crushing equipment condition and wear.

                CathayPhillips specialized field services also include

                • Installation and start-up support
                • Inspection and assessment of equipment condition
                • Redesign and/ or reconfiguration of existing equipment
                • Process circuit evaluation

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