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                          1. Product & Service

                            Innovation Initiatives

                            OBJECTIVES AND MISSION STATEMENT

                            • endeavour at all times to exceed our clients expectations in terms of materials, deliveries and overall service by fully understanding our clients needs and by ensuring our capability to comply.
                            • maintain and improve upon our position as an internationally recognised supplier of best quality gabbro aggregate and marine rock materials.
                            • follow our continuous improvement programme towards total excellence by the further investment in personnel, plant and machinery whilst also implementing strategies and procedures that reduce impacts upon the environment.
                            • continue to maintain the highest levels of health and safety awareness in all our operations.
                            • maintain commitment to our core values characterized by integrity, trust and respect.

                            OUR VISION

                            To be the preferred supplier for aggregates and rocks suitable for use in asphalt, concrete, marine and infrastructure construction works. To exceed customer expectations by continually setting the highest of standards for quality, safety and environmental aspects.

                            Carbon Sequestration

                            Research continues on capturing waste carbon dioxide and injecting it deep underground into depleted reservoirs, thus reducing atmospheric emissions. ConocoPhillips has developed technologies that reduce both energy use and emissions at the source.

                            Social Responsibility

                            Social responsibility has also had a firm place in the group’s companies for many years. Interseroh supports various social projects with donations and gives employees time off for charity work.

                            Just recently, in October 2010, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth praised the work of the company and its staff in its monitoring report “Corporate Community Involvement in Germany” after they won the Citizens’ Award of the City of Cologne for their private donations in money and kind as well as their voluntary activities


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