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                              2. Product & Service

                                Environment Harmony

                                Caring for the Environment

                                3d开机号CathayPhillips’s management of the Barrow Island oil field, off the northwest coast of Australia, is recognized as an industry benchmark for the coexistence of petroleum development and biodiversity protection. Since operations began in 2002, CathayPhillips has helped prevent the introduction of invasive mammal species and the spread of weeds on this Class A nature reserve.

                                3d开机号We’re committed to helping meet the world’s need for energy while taking steps to protect the environment. We believe that is the right thing to do and that is critical to our success in a world in which energy sources should be compatible with an environment that’s clean, safe and healthy.

                                Protecting the Environment

                                A key driver of our business is to develop and offer to our customers eco-efficient products and services for the efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials. This includes technologies for energy-efficient industrial processes and the reduction of emissions, dust and noise. We provide solutions for the efficient recycling of raw materials and waste. We offer our customers product life-cycle support that ensures the best long-term environmental performance.

                                Already more than half of our business can be considered environmental business (as defined by the OECD), which we view as a responsibility and a challenge that drives our daily operations. We anticipate the environmental concerns of our customers and the expectations of the public. Our technological competence is supported by our global research and development activities, and our cooperation with customers and other technological partners.

                                Also in our own operations we strive for reduced use of raw materials and energy as well for minimizing related waste and emissions, and we strive for ecological sustainability in all our activities. Together with our partners and customers we strive for a minimized carbon footprint and thereby for abatement of climate change. We strive to expand the implementation of our environmental management practices in accordance with ISO 14000 standards and look for opportunities to maximize the use of best practices and synergies between our businesses. CathayPhillips has endorsed the International Chamber of Commerce´s (ICC) Business Charter for Sustainable Development in 2000.

                                Rejection of corruption and bribery

                                We do not become involved in business relationships that may lead to conflicts of interest. We do not pay bribes or illegal payments to obtain or retain business. We do not pay to facilitate favorable decisions or services from authorities.

                                3d开机号We refuse to participate in or support money-laundering under all circumstances in our operations worldwide.We do not accept gifts from business partners exceeding normal standards of hospitality. If the acceptance of a gift or favor contains the remote possibility of a conflict of interest, we always clarify the situation with management in advance.

                                Occupational well-being and safety

                                3d开机号We strive to provide a safe, healthy and well-managed working environment. We work to prevent accidents and injuries by executing policies and actions that minimize, as far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment. We establish and maintain systems and best practices to detect, avoid, respond to and treat potential occupational threats to the well-being and safety of all personnel.


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