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                • Product & Service

                  Fluorite Crusher

                  CathayPhillips is a professional manufacturer of fluorite crusher and fluorite crushing plant. The commonest fluorite crusher is sysmons cone crusher and impact crusher. In addition, We supply stationary crushers, such as hydraulic cone crusher, VSI impact crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, and mobile crusher.Our Fluorite Crusher Machine are widely used in the quartz , limestone , basalt, chrome , dolomite, feldspar,kaolin ore, marble , granite , iron ore ,copper ore , sandstone, silica , gold ore , silver ore , lead ore , manganese ore , tin ore processing.

                  Fluorite Crusher Plant

                  Jaw crusher for fluorite: Jaw crusher plant is the primary crusher, it is used in fluorite coarse crushing process.Cone crusher is the fine crushing machine used in fluorite processing plant. After fluorite crushing process, fluorite is less than 15 mm. Grinding mill used forb fluorite processing.Ball mill is the most common used fluorite ore dressing machinery. After grinding, fluorite is less than 0.074mm. In order to get Concentrates, re-grinding process is essential. The final size of fluorite powder is usually 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 400 mesh.Vibtating screen is used in fluorite screening process. It usually use four-level screen in fluorite processing plant.Our fluorite crusher plant have exported to Eygpt, Nigeria, Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Zimbabwe, Dubai, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil and so on countries.

                  Fluorite Crusher Plant

                  Fluorite Crusher Plant

                  Fluorite Ore Dressing Equipment

                  Fluorite mine ususlly along with quartz. So, in the fluorite beneficiation process, flotation is the main method.The fluorite beneficiation process: Fluorite ore → screening → crushing and grinding → flotation.Fluorite dressing machine is used instead of glass in some high performance telescopes and camera lens elements. Exposure tools for the semiconductor industry make use of fluorite optical elements for ultraviolet light at 157 nm wavelength. Fluorite has a uniquely high transparency at this wavelength.

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