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                              2. Product & Service

                                Bentonite Crusher Machine

                                3d开机号Bentonite crusher is a type of stone crushers that is used to crush Bentonite. Bentonite is the raw materials for construction, road, bridge and railway buiding and small gravel are also important for the manufacture of concrete. Bentonite has all kinds of shape and size. So it is not suitable for buiding material. Bentonite crusher can crush native rock into all kinds of size to create Bentonite for use in the concrete for the dam and other buiding.

                                Bentonite Crusher

                                3d开机号Bentonite Crusher, due to its use environments, dust, plus some use big unit maintenance does not reach the designated position, often appear in operation of all kinds of questions, generally speaking, cone hammer apparatus in operation should pay attention to the following questions, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.Taper broken stone machine at work, feeding uniformly, cannot segregation. If the feeding inequality will appear production capacity is reduced, product size too big, spring movement is frequent, bowl shape bearing pressure big, power consumption rising.Our Bentonite Crusher are applied in quartz , limestone , basalt, chrome , dolomite, feldspar, fluorite, kaolin ore, marble , granite , iron ore ,copper ore , sandstone, silica.

                                Bentonite Grinding Mill

                                Bentonite Grinding Mill

                                Bentonite Clay Process

                                Sand, bentonite clay and organics recovered as foundry waste from a green sand mold foundry are reclaimed for reuse in making new green sand molds and mold cores by a multi-step process involving both hydraulic and mechanical separation steps.Given green sand is obtained by a mixing operation that is carried out for a short period of time. Discarded sand is supplied as supplementary sand to a sand processing line, so that molding sand can be recycled. Green sand for a molding is used for facing sand or the pocket sand. Bentonite clay sand is made by mixing reproduced sand, new sand, and discarded sand or any or all of them. The bentonite-covered sand is added to collected sand to supplement it. Also, the bentonite-covered sand is mixed with water, and used for facing sand or the pocket sand.

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