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                      1. Product & Service

                        Copper Mining Equipment

                        Melting for Coarse Metal, to dissolve the Oxide of iron as a Silicate. Ithas been seen that the 1st process has had the effect of converting a large proportion of the sulphuret of iron present in the pyrites into oxide of iron, which it is the object of the present process to remove by causing it to combine with silica, to form a compound capable of being melted and separated from the rest of the ore. At this stage the copper ores containing silica can be introduced with advantage, provided that they are free from sulphur.

                        Copper Ore Portable Screening Plant

                        3d开机号Our copper ore portable screening plant, tracked impact & jaw crushing plants can be very useful tools for contractors, in mining operations, aggregate producers, road building operations, demolition recycling companies and more. The waste generated from jobsites in many cases can be recycled, repurposed and reused to create other useful products and reduce landfill tipping fees.The patented, tracked 5256T impact crusher is loaded with features such as standard tracks and C-15 engine, patented lifting lid and remote control movement and operation. The 5256T can handle your tough, high production applications.Our copper ore portable screening plant have exported to America, Italy, Turkey , Australia , Singpore, Indonesia, Vietnam , Iran, India, Chile, Venezuela, Libya, Angola, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan , Yeman, Eygpt.

                        Copper Screening Plant

                        Copper Screening Plant

                        Copper Smelting Process

                        When it is intended to manufacture best selected copper for making brass, gun-metal,the fine metal is made to undergo a
                        partial roasting; the various impurities which are present tend to collect in the metallic copper, which is thus .separated from the melted mass of regulus. Two or more roastings may be required. The metallic copper containing the impurities is termed bottoms. The unreduced fine metal ,or regule, which should now be nearly free,from impurities, is treated in the ordinary way for copper. If gold,silver, tin, lead, iron, nickel,manganese, antimony, or arsenic be present in only small traces, they can, without difficulty, be .entirelyeliminated by the above selecting process.

                        Copper Ball Mill for Sale Chile

                        In a Copper ore mine, the chrome ore crusher is a key equipment to reduce the large rocks into the required sizes. As a professional crusher machine manufacturer, we can produce ball mill ,vertical mill ,raymond mill ,trapezium mill ,super thin mill for copper mining processing.we also can supply the portable crusher and mobile crusher to the customers.Our copper ball mill perform well to process copper ore ,and are well praised by our customer all over the world,such as Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Zimbabwe, Dubai, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil .

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