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                            Product & Service

                            Hydraulic Impact Crusher

                            3d开机号Hydraulic Impact Crusher is the latest development of impact crusher based on CathayPhillips’ more than 20 years’ experience and absorbing the latest technology around the world. Hydraulic Impact Crusher Plants have more excellent advantages than traditional Impact Crusher: unique design, heavy duty rotor system, interchangeable wearing parts, etc.

                            Hydraulic Impact Crusher for Coal Mining

                            3d开机号Our Hydraulic Impact Crushers are usually takes as the Coal crusher.It is a blazon crusher of ore crushing equipments acclimated for crushing coal. Atramentous crusher is accustomed able-bodied in atramentous processing industry for a continued time. It is acclimated broadly in atramentous mining and atramentous processing because of its advantages.

                            Hydraulic Impact Crusher

                            3d开机号Hydraulic Impact Crusher

                            CathayPhillips is a above atramentous crusher architect and supplier for ability plants, coke ovens or added accompanying atramentous crushing company. As the better exporter in the architecture and accomplish of atramentous crushers and additional parts, CathayPhillips atramentous crushers are acclimated in a advanced array of actual abridgement and processing applications in 100 countries about the world.

                            Hydraulic Impact Crusher Application

                            3d开机号Hydraulic Impact Crusher take as one of the most widely used machine in secondary crushing plant and tertiary crushing. It’s widely using in metallurgy, mine, chemical, refractory materials and ceramic, etc. In highway construction, water project, building ruins and sand processing, sand making is also widely used.

                            Hydraulic Impact Crusher Advantages

                            • Advanced manufacturing materials ;world-class crafts.
                            • The rotor adopts the heavy design and the serious testing way.
                            • Unique fixed way of the hammer
                            • The size of the bearing is bigger and so it is the bearing capacity.
                            • The bearing seat adopts the integrative cast steel structure ,which can greatly strengthen its radial strength.

                            Hydraulic Impact Crusher Specification

                            Modele Specification Feed opening (mm) Max feeding size (mm) capacity (t/h) Motor power (kW) Overall Dimension (mm)
                            PFW1210Ⅲ Ф1150X960 570X990 250 70-120 90-110 2550X1870X2100
                            PFW1214Ⅲ Ф1150X1400 570X1430 250 90-170 132-160 2550X2310X2100
                            PFW1315Ⅲ Ф1300X1500 625X1530 300 180-270 160-200 2960X2570X2380
                            PFW1318Ⅲ Ф1300X1800 625X1830 300 220-300 200-250 2960X2870X2380

                            Note : Any change of technical data about hydraulic impact crusher shall not be advised additionally.

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