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                          • Product & Service

                            Obtained Honors

                            Certification of ISO9001:2000

                            The company pursues high standard manufacturing and qualified products. In 2005, all the products had passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2000. In 2007, High pressure suspension mill and Super pressure trapezium mill passed the CE certificate and entered European market. Depending on the stable and lasting capabilities, our products are well known to international market such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and European Union etc.

                            CathayPhillips Strategy

                            Our strategy aims for sustainable, profitable growth over the long term. Our position as the market and technology leader in our sector creates good prerequisites for long-term profitable growth. Also the global megatrends are favorable for us.We have purposefully invested in our competitiveness and strategic themes: the services and environmental solutions and our presence in emerging markets. Our product and services portfolio, our know-how and our global presence are at a level that allows us to support our customers where they are.

                            Compliance and Business Ethics

                            3d开机号We are determined to meet high moral and ethical standards in performing our work at every level of our organization and in every location in which we operate. We want to achieve success built on the Cathay principles of responsibility, respect and determination. We depend on our employees to conduct business with integrity and in full compliance with regulations, local laws and our own corporate policies. Customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees of Cathay have a right to expect that we conduct our business in a proper and professional manner.


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