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                        • Product & Service

                          Enterprise Profile

                          Shanghai CathayPhillips Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise that produces large and medium-sized crushers and mills forming R&D, production and sale into an integral system. The headquarters located in the HI-TECH industry development zone in Shanghai, covering above 50 thousand square meters including several subsidiaries. Since established in 1997, the company has been taking the scientific management method of the modern enterprise, producing with meticulous care and non-stop creation and developing to become a bright pearl and pacemaker of the mechanical industry in China.

                          CathayPhillips uses its pioneering spirit to responsibly deliver energy to the world. This purpose transcends all of ConocoPhillips’ operations. The company conducts its business to return maximum value to shareholders while utilizing a wealth of knowledge and resources from its employees and acting responsibly in all communities in which it operates.

                          3d开机号 The company gathered a large group of excellent people that represent the authority of management and research. They absorb the advanced management method of domestic and overseas positively, carry out the systemize construction strongly, do their best to establish the enterprise culture of “harmonious, health”, and try to build the top-grade employees’ team.

                          3d开机号We pays more attention to the international technical communication and cooperation, adopts advanced technology and craftworks of USA, Germany, Australia and so on, and establishes the advanced production line and inspection base. The company owns an independent research centre to innovate and develop new products. They developed more than ten kinds of China patent products.

                          3d开机号Our products mainly covers the stone crusher machine and grinding mill products, sand making plant ,sand washing machines,optional equipments such as the screens and feeders. Our products are well known to international market such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, America, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam ,Turkey, Singpore, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and European Union, Iran, India, Chile, Venezuela, Libya, Angola, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan , Yeman, Eygpt, Nigeria, Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Zimbabwe, Dubai, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil and so on.


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