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                      • Product & Service

                        Development History

                        The Year of 2010

                        • March, 2010 Shanghai CathayPhillips Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is evaluated as “The Famous Brand” in Henan Province.
                        • February, 2010 The Employee Award Congress for 2009 close with great success. Annual Work Conference for 2010 is held successfully.

                        The Year of 2009

                        • December, 2009 Shanghai CathayPhillips Heavy Industry Co., Ltd formally change its name into Henan CathayPhillips Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
                        • F# June, 2009 YSY Mobile Cone Crusher Crushing Plant for medium reduction is delivered to Azerbaijan. It marks the production of mobile crushing plants in complete seriality and maturity after YGE and YSF series. Meanwhile, the newly introduced VSI5X sand making machine is set up in Russia. The upgrading of new products kicks off.April, 2009 Industrial Park for Equiments in Shangjie is formally put into use.

                        The Year of 2008

                        • December, 2008 the sales of the company is nearly 600,000,000RMB. Meanwhile, MTW Series European Technology Trapezium Mill and large LM Series Vertical Mill are launched. Additionally, the researching and development of large Jaw Crusher achieve many breakthroughs. The models of jaw crusher become more complete bacause of the introduction of PE1000×1200.
                        • August, 2008 Super Pressure Trapezium Grinding Mill designed by our company is assessed as the domestic leading technology product and is awarded patent certificate ( Pateng NO.: ZL2005 2 0030288.3).
                        • May, 2009 The industrial park for equipments in cathay starts construction, covering above 30 thousand square meters

                        The Year of 2007

                        • December, 2007 the sales of the company is more than 350,000,000RMB.
                        • September, 2007 our company passed the reexamination of ISO9001:2000
                        • July, 2007 VSI Series Sand Making Machine designed by our R&D Department is successfully launched.
                        • March, 2007 High Pressure Suspension Mill and Super Pressure Trapezium Grinding Mill designed by our company got CE Certificate.

                        The Year of 2006

                        • December, 2006 Our patented products Super Pressure Trapezium Grinding Mill is successfully designed and launched. The annual sales of the company reaches 180,000,000RMB.
                        • March, 2006 Our company is awarded as “The Advanced Company in Sand-Stone Association”. The jaw crusher, impact crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher is listed as the recommended products in the association.

                        The Early Years

                        3d开机号March, 2005 Research Institute of CathayPhillips Heavy Industry is founded.

                        3d开机号December, 2004 The sales of the company is more than 100,000,000RMB. The subsidiary for grinding mill is founded.

                        June, 2003 Shanghai CathayPhillips CathayPhillips Road & Bridge Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd is founded

                        3d开机号July, 2002 Many graduates from famous colleges are introduced.

                        November, 2001 The first machine exported is delivered to Kazakhstan and put into use. In the same year, our products are exported to Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Russia

                        June, 2000 New sand making machine is launched and gets good reputation by our customers.

                        1997 Shanghai CathayPhillips Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is founded.


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